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Weber's Thick Toed Gecko

Geckos | Namibia

Introduction: Weber's thick-toed gecko (Pachydactylus weberi) is often described as a 'beautiful and bizarre looking gecko' with an elongated, cylindrical body supported by thin legs. They have large 'bloodshot' looking eyes and tubuler nostrils and the body is almost semi-transparent.

This species dig tunnels up to 50cms long in fine sand, where they will spend the day. They will emerge in the evenings, even on the coldest and windiest of winter nights. If threatened they will 'adopt a stiff-legged posture' and males will bite each other in matters of territorial dispute. Predators include snakes, owls and the Namib golden mole.

Distribution: The wind blown sands of the coast of the Namib Desert.

Diet: Small insects and spiders. Moisture is obtained from condensing fog.

Colouring: The back is fleshy-pink to pink-brown with reticulated dark blotches extending on to the tail. The belly and flanks are chalky white.

Breeding: Clutches of 2 large but fragile hard-shelled eggs are laid in November to March in a small tunnel dug in the sand. They hatch in about 90 days.

Size: SVL 60 to 65mm. Max SVL 78mm.

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