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web Footed Gecko

Geckos | Namibia

Introduction: The Web-footed gecko (Palmatogecko rangei) has an elongated, cylindrical body with thin legs. It has large, reddy eyes with vertical pupils that in bright light close to 2 pinpoints. They are both nocturnal and terrestrial creatures that live in tunnels dug in the sand during the day and emerge later in the early evening, even in the colder winter months. Their preferred habitat is wind blown sands of the coastal and desert regions of their distribution areas.

Males fight each other over territorial disputes, often biting one another. Arching the tail over the head is a common trait when threatened. Predators include the Namib golden mole, owls and snakes.

Distribution: Throughout the Namib Desert including Swakopmund, Cape Cross, Walvis Bay and Luderitz.

Diet: Small insects and spiders and obtain moisture from their food and condensing fog.

Colouring: A fleshy-pink to pink-brown back with dark blotches. The belly is chalky white.

Breeding: Females lay clutches of 2 large, hard-shelled, but fragile eggs from November to March. They hatch after around 90 days, emerging from a small tunnel dug in the sand.

Size: SVL 60 to 65mm. Max SVL 78mm.

Beach Lodge

Top location, right on the beach. This is a very popular accommodation choice - and rightly so.

Desert Breeze Lodge

Slightly outide town on the banks of the Swakop River and overlooking the dunes of the Namib Desert. Excellent for those wanting a desert setting near the convenience of town

Swakopmund Sands Hotel

Close to the main beach and Swakopmund aquarium, also boasts a heated swimming pool

Hotel Pension Rapmund

Very centrally located with a quaint German atmosphere.

Sea Side Hotel & Spa

A new hotel and spa complex situated north of town in the suburb of Mile 4

The Stiltz

Absolutely unique! Built on stilts into the Swakop River - many units offer great views. Feels more like a traditional country lodge rather than an establishment in a busy tourist town.

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