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Carp's Barking Gecko

Geckos | Namibia

Introduction: Carp's barking gecko (Ptenopus carpi) is endemic to Namibia found in flat, inhospitable gravel plains with low annual rainfall. It has a slender body supported by long legs. They live in slight burrows with a number of side tunnels dug in compact soil. A characteristic of this species is the raising of the body on rigid legs, the puffing out of their yellow throats, hissing and biting when disturbed. A typical call includes around 12 monotonous slow, low-pitched clicks.

Distribution: Central Namib Desert from the Kuiseb River south of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund extending northwards to Rocky Point in the Skeleton Coast.

Diet: Insects.

Colouring: A white belly and creamy-white back with orange-brown speckles and dark-brown crossbars, enabling them to remain well camouflaged.

Breeding: Females lay 1 or 2 hard-shelled,white eggs in a shallow pit of sand in spring.

Size: SVL 50 to 55mm. Max SVL 60mm.

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