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Barnard's Namib Day Gecko

Geckos | Namibia

Introduction: Boulton's Namib day gecko (Rhoptropus boultoni) can be found foraging on baobab trees. They are a large, stocky species with long, slender toes and a flattened tail which is slightly shorter than the head and body. Males are up for a fight especially when their territories are being invaded by unwanted gate-crashers.

Distribution: Damaraland extending south between Swakopmund and Windhoek.

Diet: Ants, beetles and spiders.

Colouring: A dark black grey to olive-brown back with a bluish-grey belly.

Breeding: Females lay 2 large eggs in June.

Size: SVL 55 to 70mm. Max SVL 74mm.

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