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Barnard's Namib Day Gecko

Geckos | Namibia

Introduction: Barnard’s Namib day gecko (Rhoptropus barnardi) is the smallest of the Namib day geckos. It has a flattened tail and is slightly longer than the head and body. They live in regions that produce higher rainfall than other Namib day geckos. They prefer a habitat of rocky outcrops in regions of semi-desert, although do not share the same breeding and biological areas of other rock living geckos, probably because of their smaller size being a disadvantage in territorial disputes.

Distribution: The north Namib Desert not including coastal areas. Their range extends inland to the far western reaches of Etosha National Park.

Diet: Any insect that dares to come within striking distance.

Colouring: A pale grey to pinkish-brown back with dark spots. The belly is pale blue.

Breeding: Females lay clutches of 2 eggs in May to June in the cracks and crevices of rocks.

Size: SVL 30 to 45mm. Max SVL 49mm.

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