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African Flat Gecko

Geckos | Namibia

Introduction: The African flat gecko (Afroedura africana)is a large, flat creature with an elongated flattened body covered with small particles. There are 3 pairs of scansors on their toe-tips, which enables them to live on the under hang of large granite boulders, ideal shade from the hot Namibian sunshine. They are sometimes found under the bark of large Acacia trees of dry riverbeds. Predators include snakes such as the spotted house snake and western keeled snake.

Distribution: Isolated populations of the rocky desert and succulent veld of central and southern Namibia specifically north of Swakopmund along the Khan River reaching Usakos and south in and around Keetmanshoop and Bethanie districts.

Diet: Small insects

Colouring: Pale yellow to buff back with half-a-dozen wavy dark-brown bands. The belly is yellow-white. The tail is segmented.

Breeding: Females lay 2 thin-shelled eggs in rock cracks which hatch after 100 days.

Size: SVL 50 to 60mm. Max SVL 64mm.

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