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Sharp-Nosed Grass Frog

Frogs | Namibia

Introduction: Sharp-nosed grass frogs (Ptychadena oxyrhynchus) are one of the largest grass frogs in Namibia. They have powerful hind legs with a distinctively pointed snout. Calls consist of a series of high-pitched trills, heard in moist open savannah and woodland with more than average annual rainfall. This species is renowned for their jumping prowess, measured to be over 60 times its own body length in one leap.

Distribution: The entire range of the Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip) and the Okavango Delta.

Diet: Aquatic and other insects.

Colouration: Small blotches are scattered on a light brown to greenish body. Features include a triangular patch on the snout, thin pale vertebral line and ridges on the dorsal skin. The underside is white with yellowing over the groin.

Breeding: Tadpoles grow to 54mm and emerge from their jelly capsule after a couple of days. Development is complete after around 56 days. Uses pools on rocks and roadsides, vleis and pans.

Maximum size: 85mm.

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