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Plain Grass Frog

Frogs | Namibia

Introduction: Plain grass frogs (Ptychadena anchietae) inhabit savannah, open woodland and suburban areas as well as grassland. The snout-nostril distance is a distinctive feature, being different from most other species. Their calls are reasonably high-pitched, males often call from the water's edge. This species was named after the Portuguese explorer and naturalist, J.d'Anchieta.

Distribution: Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip) and Okavango Delta.

Diet: Insects.

Colouration: Uniform light to darker grey, light brown or reddish-brown upperparts. There is a pale triangle on the snout. The underside is usually white, sometimes yellowy.

Breeding: Tadpoles grow up to 45mm. Metamorphosis is complete after about 28 days.

Maximum size: 60mm.

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