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Common Platanna

Frogs | Namibia

Introduction: The platanna (Xenopus laevis) are found below water in pools, dams and vleis and other slow moving aquatic habitats. Characteristics include a lack of a tongue or eardrums, a small head and eternally open eyes due to no eyelids. Their body is flat, the front legs are not as strong as the powerful webbed hind limbs and the skin is smooth and slippery.

Distribution: Throughout Namibia including Etosha National Park and the ephemeral Tsondab River.

Diet: Insects. Young frogs will feed for all they are worth on mosquito larvae.

Colouring: Varies from light greenish grey to black with irregular black spots or blotches on a light belly.

Breeding: Platanna breed from early spring to late summer. Eggs are attached to blades of grass, stones and sticks, numbering from 1 to 10 laid in a row. Eggs incubate rapidly and tadpoles grow very quickly to 80mm.

Maximum size: 147mm.

Mokuti Lodge

Large lodge situated at the Namutoni entrance gate to Etosha. Excellent facilities but expect to share these with large group tours

Lodges at Sossusvlei