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Beaded Sand Frog

Frogs | Namibia

Introduction: Beaded sand frog (Tomopterna tuberculosa) have small round warts that surround blotches on the back (tuberculosa). They are a rare species in Namibia, favouring 'upland savannah areas'. Their call is a continuous rattle, males confounding their difficulty to be observed, by calling from amongst pebbles; excellent camouflage.

Distribution: Epupa Falls, no further south than the settlement of Okangwati.

Diet: Insects and spiders.

Colouration: Variable upperparts ranging from a uniform dark brown or pale with conspicuous near-symmetrical dark markings, edged by a thin white line. Other features include a pale vertebral line and a granular skin ridge around the jaw line. Prominent wart-like projections surround back blotches, resembling a string of beads.

Breeding: There is no information as to the breeding habits of this species.

Maximum size: 45mm.

Epupa Camp

A luxury camp on the banks of the Kunene River close to Epupa Falls and Himba settlements

Kapika Waterfall Lodge

Set high on the hill above the settlement of Epupam offers good views of the Kunene River and surrounding area.

Omarunga Camp

A comfortable tented camp close to the Epupa falls, the big swimming pool is a welcome relief from this area's usual heat.

Lodges at Sossusvlei