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African Bullfrog

Frogs | Namibia

Introduction: African bullfrogs (Pyxicephalus edulis)are often eaten in rural communities (edulis). Features include large and robust bodies with elongated dorsal ridges. Favoured habitats include marshy areas in open savannah woodland. Their short calls are similar to the yapping of a dog, performed in shallow water with the head and vocal sac protruding.

Distribution: The far eastern ranges of the Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip).

Diet: Insects, spiders and earthworms.

Colouration: Grey to brown patches on a light brown body. Other characteristics include a pale vertebral line, broad head and a more pointed snout than that of the giant bullfrog. The underside is smooth and white.

Breeding: Their eggs develop quickly, with small black tadpoles breaking from jelly capsules after around 36hrs. Tadpoles grow to 45mm. Complete metamorphose takes around 30 days.

Maximum size: 120mm.

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