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Water Thorn

Trees of Namibia

Water thorn: Water thorn (Acacia nebrownii) are shrubs associated with Etosha Pan. They also have a wide distribution range covering, central, central-eastern and southern Namibia. In this region they grow in depressions, on low-lying sandy/calcrete soils and along seasonal rivers. The latter is ideal for game and livestock to browse their leaves, pods and inflorescences.

The golden yellow flowers bloom from August to November. At this time they can easily be confused with both the camelthorn and sweet thorn trees. Other characteristics include a red-brown bark with greyish specks, dark green leaves and both straight and slightly curvy thorns. Olive green to green brown seeds are covered in a yellow brown, sickle-shaped pod.

Etosha Village

40 Room lodge only 4km from the park. Offers self catering units and a restaurant


Situated inside the Etosha Park some of the units available here offer self catering opportunities


Extremely busy accommodation inside the park with a good spot-lit waterhole, great choice if location is deciding factor on where to stay

Swakopmund Accommodation