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Smelly Shepherds Tree

Trees of Namibia

Another interesting plant that can be found in desert is the smelly shepherds tree (Boscia foetida). It is smaller than the shepherds tree and is a bush measuring around 1m high and 3m in diameter. The are usually located close to the road, the leaves are very small and due to its size, is a good fodder bush that are frequently browsed, especially in the Namib Desert when there is often nothing else for animals to eat.

It produces small, greenish flowers, that appear in September/October and have an unpleasant smell giving rise to the specific name 'foetida.' The fruit is small and round, ± 1cm in diameter, greenish-grey in colour and has a velvety feel to it. The berries are a source of food and nutrition to animals, birds, rodents and are edible by humans before they dry out.

Trees of Namibia

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