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Silver Clusterleaf

Trees of Namibia

Found in woodlands and on deep, sandy soils, often in large colonies is the silver clusterleaf. This is a very common tree in Namibia and in particular the Kalahari Desert. It is a small to medium-sized deciduous tree that grows between 4-10m in height and has a spreading, silvery-grey crown, but occasionally specimens have been known to grow up to 20m.

The bark is dark grey-brown and deeply grooved. The leaves are greyish and clustered towards the ends of the branchlets and are long and narrow and covered in spikes with an unpleasant scent November- January. The fruits are flat and single-winged, turning pink to dark purplish-red in March-May.

The leaves of the silver clusterleaf are browsed by livestock and game and the flowers attract insects. Butterflies breed on the tree and the root is used in traditional medicine. Timber is heavy, hard and termite resistant, making it an ideal wood for building and for firewood. It is a quick-growing garden plant, usually grown from seed and is resistant to light frost and drought.

Trees of Namibia

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