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Flame Thorn

Trees of Namibia

Flame thorn: The flame-thorn tree (Acacia ataxcantha) grows up to 4m high, often forming dense, scrambling thickets in around Epupa Falls, Kaokoland, the Kavango region, Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip) and the north-east Kalahari Desert area. This plant is common on the Waterberg Plateau. In the far eastern reaches of the Caprivi A. ataxcantha is often confused with A. schweinfurthii; the flowers are the easiest identifiable feature.

The bark is pale brown to grey, the leaves yellow-green the flowers cream-coloured to pale yellow, seen from November to April. Fruit matures in a thin, reddish to purple pod which splits open when ripe. The strong and flexible wood is used in roof construction in northern Namibia and bow-making in the north-east. Eland occasionally eat the leaves.

Epupa Camp

A luxury camp on the banks of the Kunene River close to Epupa Falls and Himba settlements

Kapika Waterfall Lodge

Set high on the hill above the settlement of Epupam offers good views of the Kunene River and surrounding area.

Omarunga Camp

A comfortable tented camp close to the Epupa falls, the big swimming pool is a welcome relief from this area's usual heat.

Swakopmund Accommodation