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Lavender fever-berry

Plants of Namibia

Lavender fever-berry (Croton gratissimus) is a non-succulent member of the milkweed family. Under favourable moisture conditions it can grow to well over 2m, but in the northern Namib 2m is a maximum. It grows a distinct 2-coloured leaves, dark green above and light grey below.

Lavender fever-berry grow mainly in rocky habitats of the northern Namib, where the aromatic leaves are traditionally used by Bushmen as perfume, whilst the bark can be used for treating bleeding gums. The wood make walking sticks and on occasions wood-carvings. There are 2 varieties of lavender fever-berry in Namibia with at least another 7 Croton species around in other areas of Namibia.

Succulents of Namibia

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