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elephants Foot

Plants of Namibia

Elephants foot (Adenia pechuelii) is a weird-looking stem succulent that has an enormous grey, basal stem that can grow up to 1m in diameter. It is complimented by a dense arrangement of narrow, grooved, slightly succulent branches that rise from the base. It bears small flowers, that grow close to its stem which develop small capsules when they are fertilized.

This plant is largely found in rocky habitats and is endemic to the central and northern Namib Desert, occurring from just south of the Kuiseb River to north of the Kunene River. It is an endangered plant on the red-list, in part due to it being a collector's item with some populations threatened by illegal removal.

There are 2 species of Adenia growing in Namibia.

Succulents of Namibia

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