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Stalked Bulbine


Stalked Bulbine (Bulbine frutescens) belong to the subfamily Asphodelaceae. Their habitat is confined to dry, sandy or rocky areas, usually with substandard soil. Their distribution in Namibia is only around Fish River Canyon and the extreme southern regions of the Namib Desert.

Star-shaped orange or yellow flowers sit above the long succulent green-grey leaves. Flowering time is from September to June, luring bees and butterflies to feed. Their tall stems, up to 45cm high, are a feature. The gel or leaf sap is used as a traditional medicine for cuts, mosquito bites, burns, boils and cracked lips. This species is frost hardy and drought resistant, requiring very little water.

Alte Kalkofen Lodge

80km west of Keetmanshoop, named after the large lime ovens found on the farms and boasts the largest collection of lithops in namibia

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