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Resurrection Bush

Plants of Namibia

The resurrection bush (Myrothamnus flabellifolius) is a shrub that for most of the year looks like an upright bundle of red-brownish sticks. Once it as received water it resurrects itself and turns green and becomes an alive and active. It bears small leaves which are grouped together at the end of its short branches and unfold similar to fans.

Tea is made from its leaves and twigs and some medicinal properties are attributed to the leaves, roots and branches to treat amongst other ailments colds, kidney problems, asthma, backaches and headaches.

The resurrection bush stands no more than 30-50cm high. The male and female flowers are on different plants and appear during the growing season after the rains. They can only be found in rocky habitats, mostly on steep slopes. It is widely distributed throughout Africa and in Namibia it is restricted to the western escarpment..

Plants of Namibia

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