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Velvet Brandybush


The Velvet Brandybush (Grewia flava) is also known as the velvet raisin bush. It can be found throughout Namibia less for the Namib Desert. This is a fast-growing drought resistant shrub with characteristic velvety grey-green leaves and sweet-scented star-shaped yellow flowers which bloom from October to March.

The people of the Kalahari Desert find many uses for this plant such as eating the fruits, making beer, bows and arrows and walking sticks from the longer branches. Spoons, beads and chopsticks can be also be carved.

Game and stock eat the fruits and leaves. Various species of Bulbul, Thrush and Mousebirds eat the fruit and the larvae of the Spotted Velvet Skipper and White Cloaked Skipper butterflies feed on the leaves of this tree.

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