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Sun Hibiscus


Sun Hibiscus (Hibiscus calyphyllus) are also known as Wild Stockrose and belong to the subfamily Malvaceae. They inhabit forests and thickets in the Windhoek region, from Opuwo to Oshakati, Etosha National Park and some areas of the north Kalahari Desert. Bright sunny-yellow flowers have red to blackish centres on a background of large velvety or hairy leaves. A feature of the flowers is that they close in the early afternoon without re-opening.

Insects are attracted to the Sun Hibiscus such as butterflies and larvae of certain species of moth. Various birds species including flycatchers, robins and barbets are drawn to this plant as well. The flowers are sometimes cooked and eaten by locals in the Okavango Delta. Plants require lost of sunshine, moderate watering and are frost hardy.

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