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The Bluebush (Diospyros lycioides) is also known as the Starapple or Monkey Plum. They grow on rocky hillsides or along stream banks throughout Namibia less for the Namib Desert and the north-eastern regions of the country. Notable locations include Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon, Epupa Falls and the Kalahari Desert.

Barbets, Louries and Mousebirds eat the fleshy fruits, as do dassies, monkeys and humans. Many other insects and butterflies are attracted to their deep-red berries. Traditional uses include building huts, making spoons and the seeds were once roasted as a coffee substitute. The bark can be used for tanning skins and the roots chewed and the ends used as a superior quality toothbrush.

This plant requires moderate water, plenty of sunshine and is frost hardy. Flowers bloom from September to December.

Etosha Village

40 Room lodge only 4km from the park. Offers self catering units and a restaurant


Situated inside the Etosha Park some of the units available here offer self catering opportunities


Extremely busy accommodation inside the park with a good spot-lit waterhole, great choice if location is deciding factor on where to stay

Self Catering Namibia