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Aloe ramosissima


The A. ramosissima is an immediate relative of the A. dichotoma and A. pillansii, although it resembles more of a shrub or bush than a species of aloe. Their distribution range includes both inside and outside the lower Sperrgebiet extending northwards towards Aus. Other larger specimens grow as far north as Grillental, south of Luderitz and in the extreme conditions to the east of Bogenfels in the Klinghardt Mountains.

Ramosissima is a regional name for 'to have many branches' as well as 'bush quiver tree'. Unlike other species, branching begins immediately above ground level, although the older and larger they get, the likeness to a younger A. dichotoma becomes evident. The softer parts of the branches attract kudu, zebra and oryx in times of drought, with disfiguring a result. Flowering occurs from May to June.

Bahnhof Hotel

A lovely country hotel in the small village of Aus

Eagles Nest Lodge

Self-catering, rock bungalows on the Klein Aus Vista property. As Eagles Nest has no restaurant facilities guests are welcome to use the restaurant at Desert Horse Inn. This is a beautiful place to spend a few nights enjoying the beauty of southern Namibia

Desert Horse Inn

Named after the desert horses which are one of the main reasons for visiting the area, this is the more main stream lodge on the Klein Aus Vista property

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