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Aloe dewinteri


A. dewinteri grow in rocks in cracks on steep cliffs in habitats typical of high rainfall. This limits their growth. In these conditions their thick and smooth, yet leathery leaves are fringed with a narrow brown margin colouring. In a garden they grow larger as a result of regular watering, becoming orange in colour with more distinct thin reddish markings. Other features include an inflorescence of similar colour to the A. claviflora, only branched and usually more than 80cm high.

Sightings are restricted to the sharp slopes of dolomite formations in various valleys in eastern Kaokoland. Here, when older plants break away from the cliffs, they fall down to the valley floor, where they are collected and replanted by locals. Snout beetles are a nuisance during the summer months, otherwise they are relatively pest free.

Opuwo Country Lodge

In the town of Opuwo this lodge has beautiful views over Kaokoland - a real desert oasis

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