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Aloe claviflora


Visitors heading to the Fish River Canyon can observe large colonies of A. claviflora on the eastern side of the Hobas to Seeheim road (C37). Towards KoŽs, just east of Keetmanshoop, offers more sightings. Their attractive flowers on angled stems, have also been observed east of the southern Sperrgebiet boundary. This has proved unusual as they were growing on an easterly slope as opposed to a more common level habitat, observed in the south-eastern parts of Namibia.

Similarities can be compared to the smaller A. pachygaster on the western side of the Fish River. The leaves of the A. claviflora's are not as armed but angled just the same. A comparison can also be made of their leaves to that of A. asperiflora and is also known as 'kraal aalwyn' because of it's distinctive growth form. The 'cudgel-shaped' flowers (hence the name claviflora) can be seen from August to October, much longer than other aloe species, often the only colour seen in southern Namibia during this period.

Ai-Ais Resort

Fairly basic accommodation at the famous hot-springs near the southern end of the Fish River Canyon

Canyon Lodge

Probably the most popular lodge in the area. Friendly staff, interesting rooms and an emphasis on growing all local produce make for a wonderful stay

Canyon Roadhouse

The smaller sibling to the Canon Lodge & Village, this fun establishment boasts loads of character

Canyon Village

Supposedly laid out like an African village - this tends to be second choice to the Lodge but still offers good value

Fish River Lodge

On the opposite edge of the canyon to all the other lodges, Fish River Lodge offers a unique perspective, excellent service and stunning views


Campsite close to the main viewpoint over the Fish River Canyon

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