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Rocks & Minerals | Namibia

Introduction: Serpentine is found in 2 distinct forms. Antigorite is a flaky variety and found in huge rocks, often mottled in various shades of green and when polished give off a marbled like appearance. Chrysotile, a fibrous variety of serpentine is the most important type of asbestos.

Distribution: Grey-green soapstone serpentine called 'steatite' has been found on the farm Omieve 179, 120km north-east of Windhoek. Intrusive rocks 50km north-east of Seeis and south-east of Windhoek also sport serpentine rocks.

Composition: Lizardite, antigorite and clinochrysotile are the 3 serpentine minerals found in serpentine. Serpentine minerals in metamorphic rocks have a high magnesium content.

Colouration: Grey, dark green to grey-black.

Uses: A soft rock it is often used for carving. Also used as ornamental stone.

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