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Rocks & Minerals | Namibia

Introduction: The main characteristic of schist, an intermediate grade metamorphic rock are the minerals aligned parallel to one another, which produces a schistose fabric.

Distribution: Central Namibia in the road cuttings west of Windhoek in the Khomas Hochland, the Kuiseb Valley and an area around the Gamsberg.

Composition: Micas, often biotite or muscovite are the most common minerals. Amphiboles such as hornblendes are also formed. New metamorphic minerals such as garnet, andalusite and staurolite from large crystals in some schists.

Colouration: Black, red, green and purple.

Corona Guest Farm

Very friendly lodge with eclectic decor - good choice of accommodation in the Gamsberg area

Hakos Guest Farm

Very popular with amateur astronomers due to the areas low light pollution

Kobo Kobo Mountain Camp

A remote & rustic camp at the foot of the Khomas Hochland mountains

Namibgrens Guest Farm

On the edge of the escarpment this property offers stunning views over the Namib Desert plains. Accommodation choices include private campsites, luxury villas & traditional guest farm accommodation

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