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Rocks & Minerals | Namibia

Introduction: Pyrolusite was once used as an additive in glass making to remove brown and green tints. It was named from the Greek pyros meaning 'fire' and louxo 'to wash'. It is found as minute, shiny black metallic crystals, or in solid layers.

Distribution: Common in the Kombat Mine and the Otjosondu manganese field.

Composition: Oxide.

Crystal system: Tetragonal.

Lustre: Dull, metallic.

Streak: Black.

Hardness: 2-6.5.

Conception Bay Flight

A scenic flight along Namibia's Forbidden Coast (Sperrgebiet) an area which is virtually impossible to visit overland. Attractions seen on this flight include ship wrecks, seal colonies and Sandwich Harbour. Flight from Swakopmund

Sossusvlei Scenic Flight

A scenic flight over the dunes at Sossusvlei. Flight from Swakopmund

Sossusvlei Excursion

A scenic flight that lands near Sesriem and includes a trip into the dunes at Sossusvlei. Flight from Swakopmund

Ultimate South

View a massive portion of southern Namibia from the air. A landing and ground excursion to the Fish River Canyon finish of this day trip. Flight from Swakopmund

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