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Rocks & Minerals | Namibia

Introduction: The mineral magnetite was named from the lands of Magnetes (Magnesia) in Greece by Plini Secunda, a Greek shepherd. Its most easily identifiable characteristic is that it is magnetic, often forming black to metallic octahedral crystals.

Distribution: Found in gneiss in the Kunene Complex, the Erongo pegmatites and in the Matchless amphibolite belt in central Namibia.

Composition: Oxide.

Crystal system: Cubic.

Lustre: Dull, metallic.

Streak: Black.

Hardness: 5.5-6.5.

Heinitzburg Castle

Romantic accommodation in an restored castle, a must for honeymoons. Also the finest (and most expensive) restaurant in Windhoek

Hotel Pension Thule

Situated in on a hilltop with commanding views over the Klein Windhoek valley

Hotel Safari

near Eros Airport on the southern outskirts of town lies this 3 star hotel

Olive Exclusive

a luxury boutique hotel, offering top range private suites. Great for honeymooners, luxury & exclusivity guaranteed.

Safari Court Hotel

large hotel complex on the outskirts of town - near the Eros Airport

Windhoek Country Club Resort

A large hotel and casino, situated next to the golf course on the outskirts of town

Windhoek Hilton Hotel

situated in central Windhoek this hotel has 154 rooms, a casino and several bars and dining areas

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