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Rocks & Minerals | Namibia

Introduction: This is a mineral that is formed in metamorphic rocks under high pressure and a somewhat low temperature. The Greek word kyanos means 'blue', which is the most frequently found colour of this mineral.

Distribution: The schists between the old Gorob Mine offices and the Kuiseb River. It has also been mined in the Rehoboth area, on farm Bethlehem 27 in the Windhoek District, where several other kyanite locations occur.

Composition: Silicate.

Crystal system: Triclinic.

Lustre: Vitreous, pearly.

Streak: White.

Hardness: 4-7.5.

Lake Oanob

A selection of rooms and bungalows surround this large lake. This is a good place to stay if you are looking for complete relaxation, perhaps at the end of the trip before driving to the Windhoek International Airport (which is about 1.5 hours drive away)

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