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Rocks & Minerals | Namibia

Introduction: Galena means 'lead ore', its Latin meaning. There are many small lead-zinc/base metal deposits that contain this mineral in Namibia. It is steel-grey in colour. Lead is used as a petrol additive, although unleaded is now more widely used due to the pollution it causes. It is also used to make ammunition, an additive in pesticides and in brass and bronze alloys.

Distribution: Ai-Ais Mines in southern Namibia, Rosh Pinah Mine, Abaneb West and it occurs 20km north-west of Grootfontein on the farm Olifantsfontein.

Composition: Sulphide.

Crystal system: Cubic.

Lustre: Metallic.

Streak: Grey.

Hardness: 2.5.

Alte Kalkofen Lodge

80km west of Keetmanshoop, named after the large lime ovens found on the farms and boasts the largest collection of lithops in namibia

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