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Rocks & Minerals | Namibia

Introduction: Covellite is a copper ore mineral, a characteristic indigo blue colour with small crystals usually less than 1cm long. Identifiable by a very soft sulphide it is found in a number of copper deposits in green-stone belts and dolomite hosted copper lead zinc deposits.

Distribution: Abenab and Matchless Mines, Kopermyn in the Outjo District and the Tiras Prospect south-west (40km) of Helmeringhausen. Kombat and Tschui and on occasions at Tsumeb Mine also produced covellite.

Composition: Sulphide.

Crystal system: Hexagonal.

Lustre: Dull, iridescent, metallic.

Streak: Shiny grey-black.

Hardness: 1.5-2.

Dabis Guest Farm

A working farm in southern Namibia. Offers an insight into sheep farming is this arid region

Duwisib Castle

The completely off his rocker 'Baron' von Wolf built this castle in the middle of nowhere. Rumours abound about this gun toting, cross dressing loon! Accommodation is available within the castle and a well shaded campsite is also on offer

Duwisib Guest Farm

This lovely guest farm offers self catering accommodation on a property adjacent to the Duwisib Castle

Kanaan Desert Retreat

On the scenic D707 road and bordering on the Namib Naukluft park, lies this spectacular property. Accommodation is offered in a small tented camp or en-suite rooms at the old farmhouse

Namseb Lodge

Formerly an Ostrich farm the lodge property is now largely dedicated to Namibian wildlife. The lodge itself offers standard bed & breakfast rooms as well as self catering chalets

Namtib Guest Farm

Situated in the Tiras mountains, an owner run guest farm that offers a warm welcome and even better scenery

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