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Rocks & Minerals | Namibia

Introduction: Conglomerates are waterworn rocks such as boulders, cobbles and pebbles that have become cemented together. Pebbles might be smooth and well-rounded which is an indication of abrasion due to extensive transport. A highly angular and jaggered shape indicates that little transportation or reworking was involved. Pebbles are always larger than 2mm in diameter and some conglomerates have boulders that are over 2m in diameter.

Distribution: Waterberg and the Chuos deposits.

Composition: A wide variety of consolidated gravels and pebble types.

Colouration: Various colourations are possible depending on the location of the rocks. For example a mixture of minerals and rock types can be set in a translucent grey chert matrix. White vein quartz will colour a pebble as will black carbon specks.

Uses: Building and landscaping.

Camp Elephant | Erindi

Self catering units on a large, well stocked, private game reserve

Aloe Grove Safari Lodge

A small private safari lodge north of Otjiwarongo

Waterberg Rest Camp

The NWR run camp situated on the slopes of the plateau. Fairly standard and slightly overpriced accommodation, the old police station which has been converted to a restaurant is a scenic (if not taste) highlight.

Hotels in Luderitz