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Walvis Bay


Walvis Bay is the main harbour town in Namibia, the harbour is visited by many fishing boats, cargo vessels and an increasing number of passenger cruise liners. Attractions of Walvis Bay are the lagoon with its prolific bird life and variety of recreational possibilities, a desert golf course, a choice of restaurants & accommodation establishments and adventure activities such as sea kayaking, sandwich harbour tours and dolphin cruises.

Although discovered by Diaz in 1487 - Walvis Bay was only founded in 1793 by the Cape Dutch. Two years later it was annexed by the British. In 1910 Walvis Bay became - like the entire Cape Colony - part of the South African Union. After Namibia's independence, the only deep sea harbour on the Namibian coast remained under South African rule until 1994.

Traditionally tourists have treated Walvis Bay as the poor cousin to Swakopmund however the town is developing a thriving tourist industry with many accommodation establishments such as guest houses and hotels opening along the lagoon. Many of the water based activities such as dolphin cruises, catamaran trips, fishing expeditions and kayaking all start in Walvis Bay and while visitors staying in Swakopmund need to travel the 30km to participate, those who choose accommodation in Walvis Bay will find these activities starting on their doorstep.

The Walvis Bay Lagoon is the main reason for visiting the town, the bird life on the lagoon is plentiful including flamingoes, pelicans and many small waders. The Raft restaurant deserves a special mention, it is built on stilts in the lagoon and reached by a short bridge. This is a pleasant place to enjoy a meal completely surrounded by water while entertainment is provided by the birds, jelly fish and even the occasional seal.

A visit to the Walvis Bay harbour is well worth the effort. Entry permits can be obtained from the Police Offices at the Harbour Entrance on 13th Road. Organised visits to the harbour are undertaken every two weeks, usually on Thursdays. Also worth seeing in Walvis Bay is the local museum and the wooden Rhenish mission church dating from 1880.

"Dune 7" at the outskirts of town is the highest sand dune in the area. Once you have climbed to the top, you can enjoy stunning views.

  • Walvis Bay: Walvis Bay Lagoon with the harbour in the background
  • Walvis Bay: Flamingo
  • Walvis Bay: Arial View
  • Walvis Bay: Dolphins are often seen on cruises from the harbour
  • Walvis Bay: Pelican Landing
  • Walvis Bay: Flamingoes on the lagoon in Walvis Bay
  • Walvis Bay: Pink Pelican?
  • Walvis Bay: Seals
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Amjicaja Guest House

5km from the town center and within walking distance of the lagoon

Courtyard Hotel - Walvis Bay

A business hotel close to the town center

Lagoon Lodge

A bright & cozy lodge overlooking the lagoon and close to all of the cities amenities

Oyster Box Guest House

A small, upmarket, owner managed guest house offering excellent views over the Walvis Bay lagoon

Pelican Bay Hotel

Well situated with views over the lagoon and close to the ever popular Raft Restaurant

Pelican Point Lodge

Adjacent to a light house on a remote peninsula near the town of Walvis Bay. Pelican Point Lodge offers luxurious accommodation in a tranquil, remote & unspoiled environment

Spindrift Guest House

A friendly & relaxing eight roomed guest house

Catamaran Cruise

view the lagoon from the comfort of a catamaran

Dolphin Cruise

A dolphin cruise around the Walvis Bay Lagoon

Historian Quad Bike Edu-Desert Tour

Quad biking in the coastal dunes with a difference. These tours concentrate on the fauna, flora & people who inhabit the dune belt, excellent guiding and stunning scenery make this an experience not to be missed

Kayaking & Sandwich Harbour Combo

An eventful day trip combining kayaking on the lagoon with a 4x4 trip through the Namib Desert dunes ending in Sandwich Harbour

Marine & Dune Day Trip

A morning of cruising on the Walvis Bay lagoon is followed by the spectacular and thrilling drive to the natural harbour & splendid birdlife of Sandwich Harbour

Sea Kayaking

Kayaking on the Walvis Bay Lagoon

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