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NamibRand nature reserve


The idea behind the NamibRand Nature reserve was to integrate a number of sheep farms into one game sanctuary. The NamibRand is free of fences and allows the wildlife to roam in their natural habitat, as they did before commercial farming. Covering an area of 200000 hectares close to Sossusvlei, NamibRand is bordered by the Naukluft Park in the west and the impressive Nubib Mountain range in the East.

Due to its unique location the reserve offers a diversity of desert landscapes. Game species found in the reserve include gemsbok, mountain and plains zebra, springbok, red hartebeest, bat-eared fox, spotted hyena, Cape fox and African wildcats. The more rocky areas are inhabited by kudu, klipspringer, baboon and leopard.

Every guest staying at Wolwedans contributes towards the conservation of NamibRand, as a fixed percentage of revenue flows towards conservation. It is hoped that in the long run, such levies will make the reserve self-sustainable. However, income from tourism will always be limited, because right from the outset, we have restricted the number of guests this wilderness paradise can and should accommodate.

It has been decided that every bed, must be surrounded by 2000 hectares of wilderness. Due to this restriction the funding of major conservation projects, such as the introduction of the endangered black rhino, cannot be financed out of the reserve's own resources. This is where the NamibRand Conservation Foundation comes into the picture. The NRCF is a non-profit organisation, established during 1998 under the patronage of the Namibia Nature Foundation with the aim of promoting large scale conservation and research projects in the NamibRand Nature Reserve and the south-western Namib region.

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Boulders Camp Wolwedans

This small luxury camp is the latest addition to the Wolwedans Lodge collection. It is situated around 45km south of the other lodges and therefore offers an insight into a different aspect of the NamibRand Nature Reserve

Greenfire Desert Lodge

A small intimate lodge in an amazing part of the Namib Desert. While the lodge can be used as a base from which to visit the dunes at Sossusvlei, the tranquil and beautiful environment make it a destination in it's own right

Wolwedans Dunes Camp

Dunes Camp is the simplest of the establishments on the Namib Rand reserve. Accommodation comes in the form of dome tents each with own bathroom.

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge

Wooden units built on platforms overlooking the NamibRand Reserve. As with all the Wolwedans properties expect some of the best views in Namibia, great food and excellent service

Wolwedans Mountain View Suite

An upmarket extension to the Dunes Lodge

Wolwedans Private Camp

Ever fancied your own house surrounded by nothing but the Namib Desert? This luxurious property gives you just that, and way more

Ballooning over Sossusvlei

Drift over the dune fields at Sossusvlei and enjoy a champagne breakfast wherever the wind takes you

Scenic Flights

light aircraft regularly depart on scenic flights over Sossusvlei and its surroundings

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