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Museums of Namibia


Namibia has many active museums as well as a growing number of art galleries and craft centres. Most of the country's towns have them in one form or another, proving a popular venue for Namibians and foreign visitors alike. Each collection has a distinctive character that represents local identity and traditions, more often than not displaying colonial history as well as celebrating the rich mineral wealth of Namibia. Stories of hardship amongst European settlers are common.

Many local museums display collections by amateur naturalists. Swakopmund Museum for example has a wonderful collection of butterflies and birds' eggs. Namibian landscapes are highlighted in others such as Etosha Pan. Whales, sea lion colonies, the sand dunes and diamond fields of the Namib desert also feature.

Other museums concentrate on geology, rocks and minerals in particular. Not only were minerals the reason that attracted settlers in the first place, but they still go a long way to sustaining the economy today. Traditional African culture is also highlighted as is Bushman 'rock art', seen at Twyfelfontein, Namibia's first World Heritage Site. The Owela Museum in Windhoek covers many aspects of Namibian life over the ages. For instance, their Display Centre showcases an exhibition of the importance of the cheetah in Namibian ecology, compiled by the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF).

Since June 2004 The Living Culture Foundation of Namibia (LCFN) have promoted the concept of living museums. Their aims are to fight against poverty, the protection/retrieval of traditional culture and a creation of tolerance. They present ancient traditional culture in active and authentic ways. Living Museums are cultural schools and a communal Namibian tourism business combined.

We have sorted the museums by area, so visit the relevant tab to learn what museums are available near you.

The Cardboard Box Travel Shop would like to thank the Museums Association of Namibia (M.A.N) for their assistance and information regarding our Museums of Namibia web page. They can be contacted directly by email on: or Tel/fax: 00264 61 302236.

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