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Henties Bay


Henties Bay is the only town on the stretch of Namibian coast known as the National West Coast Recreation Area. The area is mainly associated with fishing and marine life, (green turtles can be encountered north of Henties Bay) and it is part of a direct route to and from Torra Bay, Terrace Bay and on to the seal colonies at Cape Cross or Cape Fria. It is also encompassed in what is more widely-known as The Skeleton Coast National Park, conveniently situated only 75km north from Swakopmund.

Since the town's inception in the 1930's, it has expanded from a few fisherman's shacks into one of Namibia's prime holiday resorts. It's founder, Major Henty van der Merwe, set up his own ramshackle huts in the 1950's, and Henties Bay main function today is for holiday making and retirement homes

The west coast is renowned as one of the best surf and deep sea angling spots, and many a visitor enjoys a leisurely walk on the beach or a stroll around the Jakkalsputz Walking Trail, an unmarked 18km walk from The Gallows to Jakkalsputz. There is also a low-tide rocky shore walk, where hikers can discover many varying forms of marine life. Just north of the town is where the ephemeral Omaruru River reaches the sea, but usually with sub-surface water.

There is also the Omaruru River Walking Trail with a choice of either the 20 or 70km walks. Maps for both Omaruru walks and the Jakkalsputz Trail are available from the Tourist Office. Ornithologists should head for the Omdel Dam, with it's wide variety of bird species, and the Ugab River, (with the opportunity to track desert-adapted elephant) and the remainder of the Skeleton Coast Park are all withing easy reach from Henties Bay.

Facilities include several shops, accommodation establishments and filling stations and a novel 9-hole golf course; tee off and pitch into sand fairways and putt for par or better on the grass greens. You can grab a cup of coffee at the Desert Sands Restaurant and Coffee Shop, carnivore's should head for the Eagle Steak Ranch, Italian food can be ordered at the Pirate's Cove Sports Bar and there is a take-away at Jacomien grocery shop.

Accommodation in Henties Bay is available at a selection of hotels and guest houses in and around the town. There is also a remote lodge at Cape Cross north of the town.

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De Duine Hotel

A small hotel situated in the coastal town of Henties Bay

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