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Health & malaria in Namibia

How to avoid the dreaded plague

Namibia is a very healthy country and it is unlikely you will have any health issues while travelling here. However it is always worth taking precautions, so here is some information which may help.


The north of Namibia (from Etosha Park northwards) is a malaria area and prophylaxis should be taken particularly during the summer months. The rest of the Namibia poses practically no risk at all. Your doctor should advise you on the best prophylaxis for the area of travel and your personal requirements.

The best way to avoid malaria is to avoid being bitten by Anopheles mosquitoes which carry the parasite. Only the females of one species carry the parasite, however it is virtually impossible to tell if a mosquito is a female Anopheles or not, so we recommend avoiding all mosquitoes. The little blighters usually bite between sunset and sunrise, so make sure that you are covered up during this time! Some tips are to wear loose fitting, long sleeved shirts and trousers, use a good insect repellent and sleep underneath a mosquito net .

If you do develop flu-like symptoms, or feel at all unwell, during your holiday or after your return home, you must make sure that your doctor knows that you have recently travelled in a malaria area. Malaria is not a serious problem provided people take adequate precautions and seek advice and treatment immediately if they feel unwell.


Namibia's major private hospitals are of a good standard with clean and safe facilities. However, serious medical cases will be evacuated by air to South Africa where further facilities are available. For this reason you must make sure that comprehensive travel insurance is taken out before you travel, this insurance should cover any medical expenses, air evacuation and repatriation if necessary.

Other Health Issues

As none of our staff are trained medical professionals it is probably best you look at a dedicated medical site to find out what other nasty diseases you can catch while in Namibia.

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