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a village in Namibia

Bethanie is one of the oldest settlements in Namibia and lies west of Keetmanshoop it is not a village which makes the itineraries of most holidays in Namibia. Bethanie and can be easily reached from the main road between Luderitz and Keetmanshoop. This historic little town lies in dry and barren rocky lands, although Bethanie was founded by the London Missionary Society, they were a bit short of recruits and sent a German instead.

While Bethanie is not situated on the traditional tourist route it may well be worth a visit for the historically inclined traveller. The original church built in 1859 still stands as does Reverend Heinrich Schmelen's 1814 Schmelenhause which is the oldest building in Namibia and now a National Monument, the House of Schmelen now also houses a small museum.

In 1822 Schmelen left Bethany due to Orlam dissatisfaction with missionary work among the Kai||khaun (also called "The Red Nation") after he "almost begged them upon my knees that they should come to church but they would not".

In 1883 a significant historical event took place when at the house of Nama chief Josef Frederiks the first deed of sale was signed between the Nama tribe and a representative of the Germans, Adolf Lüderitz. This deed was for an area of land on the coast which was to become known as Lüderitz. Probably the only way to visit this region of Namibia is in a rental car, we would be happy to help with these arrangements.

  • Bethanie: House Of Schmelen
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