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Swakopmund Museum

Museums Namibia

The Swakopmund Museum has a large gallery dedicated to ’The Peoples of Namibia’ which contains a rich range of artefacts from the different ethnic groups in Namibia. The display does not present culture as static, but shows the way in which the lifestyles of the different communities has changed over time. The museum also has an extensive collection of artefacts from the German colonial period, interesting dioramas showing historic events, wildlife at the coast and fishing operations. A favourite amongst children is the large collection illustrating local wildlife. Another great attraction at the museum is the Devil's Claw. Geological and archaeological displays on the one side and historic machinery on the other complete the huge range of topics covered in this unique, informative museum. The museum is situated on the section of the Swakopmund beachfront referred to as the Mole.

floorplan of the swakopmund museum


Beach Hotel

Situated close to the beach & the town center. This hotel offers a wide choice of room types making it the perfect choice for every budget

Hansa Hotel

Right in the middle of town, the Hansa is over 100 years old and still offers top quality accommodation

Hotel Eberwein

Hotel situated close to the town center, decorated in a Victorian style

Hotel EuropaHof

Centrally located hotel with old world German style

Rossmund Lodge

Situated out of town on the Rossmund Golf course, one of the world's best desert courses.

Strand Hotel

A brand new hotel, on the site of the old Strand Hotel, is set to open in August 2015

Hotel zum Kaiser

A very centrally located small hotel - within easy walking distance of the town center, Swakopmunds favourite restaurants - the Jetty and the Tug, as well as everything else the town has to offer

Swakopmund Hotel

A large hotel, based around the historic railway station. Complete with casino, bars and restaurants

The Delight Swakopmund

A large modern accommodation establishment that offers a warm welcome and all-round attentive service

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