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Introduction: Smoothhounds (Mustelus mustelus) or houndsharks have slender bodies with a long, blunt snout and flattened head. Features include large, well-developed fins and 'pavement-like' teeth in the jaw and large, green eyes. Mustelus means 'weasel' a reference to the absence of spines and dog-like features of the head.

Distribution: In waters extending from the mouth of the Orange River extending northwards to Luderitz, Sandwich Harbour, Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Henties Bay, Cape Cross and along the Skeleton Coast.

Diet: Crabs, crayfish, eels, hermit crabs, octopus and squid.

Colouration: Greyish-brown above with black spots on the upper flanks. The underside is paler, often appearing white.

Breeding: Litters are of a maximum of 15, born after a gestation period of around 12 months.

Max size: 160cm. Max weight: 27kg.

De Duine Hotel

A small hotel situated in the coastal town of Henties Bay

Accommodation in Namibia