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Broadnose Sevengill


Introduction: Broadnose sevengills (Notorychus cepedianus) are also known as the cowsharks, 2 references to their appearance. It is a very large shark with a broadly rounded head and a blunt snout. Notorychus means 'short-snouted' and cepedianus is a reference to the broad, flattened snout and 7 gills.

Distribution: Orange River mouth, Luderitz, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, Henties Bay, Torra Bay and Terrace Bay.

Diet: Actively hunts for prey including other sharks, eaglerays, stingrays and some bony fishes.

Colouration: Overall body colour is pale grey or greyish-brown upperparts with plenty of irregularly spaced, small, black spots. The underside is white.

Breeding: Females are ovoviviparous, producing large litters as many as 80 young.

Max size: 290cm. Max weight: 95kg.

Cape Cross Lodge

Wonderfully situated remote lodge - directly on the beach near the Cape Cross seal colony

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

An upmarket lodge on the Skeleton Coast - only visit-able as part of a fly in safari.

Terrace Bay

Accommodation in the Skeleton Coast, really catering for fisherman but hardened visitors who absolutely have to spend a few nights inside the Skeleton Coast Park may choose to stay here

Torra Bay

A campsite in the Skeleton Coast Park, popular with fisherman during the summer holidays

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