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Portuguese Man-of-War


Introduction: Bluebottle or Portuguese man-of-war (Physalia utriculus) float on the surface of the ocean and are vulnerable to onshore winds which may blow them ashore. As the shape of their floats are 'left-handed' or 'right-handed', individuals are blow to either port or starboard direction. In Namibian waters the prevailing south-easterly winds ensures that left-handed bluebottles are less likely to be stranded ashore.

Bathers and swimmers fear this sea creature. They can inflict a mighty painful sting which could lead to lethal cardiovascular and respiratory collapse although this is very rare. A first-aid treatment of vinegar and ice is recommended, otherwise cases should be treated seriously and by a medical doctor. Plough snails and sea swallows eat Portuguese man-of-war despite their venomous sting.

Distribution: Throughout the coastal waters of Namibia including bathing areas around Swakopmund.

Colouration: Unmistakeable blue-green float

Max size: Float 50mm long. Tentacles up to 10m which contract to 30cm.

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