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Comb Jelly


Introduction: A comb jelly (Beroe sp.) is shaped like a rugby ball with an entrance at one end for the mouth. They are propelled through the water by a continually beating series of 8 longitudinal hair-like bands, which emit rhythmic waves down the bands which in turn move the animal along the ocean.

Distribution: Throughout Namibian coastal waters.

Diet: Planktonic and carnivorous. Feeds on large shrimp-like animals.

Colouration: Transparent with iridescent flickering colours produced by the beating of the hair-like bands.

Max size: 30mm.

Beach Lodge

Top location, right on the beach. This is a very popular accommodation choice - and rightly so.

Desert Breeze Lodge

Slightly outide town on the banks of the Swakop River and overlooking the dunes of the Namib Desert. Excellent for those wanting a desert setting near the convenience of town

Swakopmund Sands Hotel

Close to the main beach and Swakopmund aquarium, also boasts a heated swimming pool

Hotel Pension Rapmund

Very centrally located with a quaint German atmosphere.

Sea Side Hotel & Spa

A new hotel and spa complex situated north of town in the suburb of Mile 4

The Stiltz

Absolutely unique! Built on stilts into the Swakop River - many units offer great views. Feels more like a traditional country lodge rather than an establishment in a busy tourist town.

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