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Introduction: Beadworms (Syllis spp.) have long, wispy tentacle like protrusions from the sides of each segment of the body. Overall they are small, thin and thread-like in appearance and are beaded in appearance, hence the common name. Features on the head include 2 enlarged palps that bend forwards and 3 annulated tentacles.

Distribution: Common in tufts of seaweed along the entire Namibian coastline.

Diet: Eats either small plants or animals.

Colouration: Whitish body with dark brown tentacles.

Breeding: Not known.

Max size: 30mm.

Kolmanskop Ghost Town

visit the Kolmanskop Ghost town near Luderitz

Pomona & Bogenfels Day Tour

trip into the Sperrgebiet (forbidden diamond area) with visits to the abandonded mining town of Pomona & the rock arch at Bogenfels

Catamaran Cruises

Several cruises around Luderitz harbour, options include sunset cruises & a visit to an oyster farm

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