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Brown Mussel


Introduction: The shell of a brown mussel (Perna perna) tends to elongate, becoming almost rectangular in shape when growing in crowded intertidal beds. Dense beds are formed from the mid-intertidal up to a few metres deep.

Distribution: From Luderitz north to Sandwich Harbour to Swakopmund and Walvis Bay extending to Wlozkasbaken and Jakkalsputz, Henties Bay, Torra Bay, Terrace Bay and Mwe Bay.

Diet: Sieves water through enlarged sheet-like gills.

Colouration: Yellow-brown shell often tinged with green or striped pattern. The flesh of females is bright orange and off-white in males.

Breeding: Enormous numbers of eggs are shed into the water and developed into planktonic larvae.

Max size: 125mm.

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