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Root-mouthed Jellyfish


Introduction: Root-mouthed jellyfish (Eupilema inexpectata) are the largest species of jellyfish known, identifiable with a characteristic smooth tentacle-less domed bell. Numerous pore-like entrances into the gut act as the mouth, which filter water and tiny prey. Root-mouthed jellyfish are commonly washed ashore.

Distribution: Throughout Namibian waters from the Kunene River mouth south along the Skeleton Coast to Swakopmund and Walvis Bay south along the waters of the southern Namib Desert to Luderitz and the mouth of the Orange River.

Diet: Microscopic prey only due to their lack of tentacles.

Colouration: Translucent blue or white.

Max size: 30cm diameter, although 1.5m have been recorded.

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