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White Sea Catfish


Introduction: White seacatfish (Galeichthys feliceps) have elongated bodies supporting a depressed head. The smooth skin is coated with mucus. The anal fin has up to 20 rays. Thick lips and bands of fine teeth in each jaw are in an underslung, but broad mouth. This species have poisonous spines, requiring immediate medical attention if stung.

Distribution: From the Kunene River mouth extending south to Mwe Bay, Henties Bay, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay and Luderitz to the Orange River.

Diet: Crayfish, small fish and crabs.

Colouration: Overall dusky-brown, although slightly darker above and white undersides. The fins are dark to black, the barbels are pale.

Breeding: Pea-sized eggs are 'nursed' by the male who carries them in his mouth until they hatch. Estuaries are used as nursery areas.

Max size: 55cm. Max weight: 3.8kg.

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