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Twotone fingerfin


Introduction: Twotone fingerfin (Chirodactylus brachydactylus) are also known as butterfish a reference to their rich, palatable flesh. They are most commonly found over shallow coastal reefs, occasionally entering tidal rock pools. Features include well-developed fins and numerous distinct scales along the lateral line. Chirodactylus means 'hand with fingers' referring to their 'finger-like' pectoral fins and brachydactylus means 'short-fingered.

Distribution: The coastal waters of the Namibian ocean from the Orange River through to Luderitz as far as Walvis Bay.

Diet: Grabs mouthfuls of sand between rocks and sifts out edible organisms. Inedible sand is discarded before swallowing through the gill openings.

Colouration: Reddish-brown to dusky upperparts, paler below or 'twotones'. From the eye extending to the tail is a darker, lateral band.

Breeding: Fish over 25cm are sexually mature, spawning during early summer.

Max size: 40cm. Max weight: 0.9kg.

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Situated on a prime sea front location - close to everything the town of Luderitz has to offer.

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