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Target John Dory


Introduction: Target refers to the 'bullseye' lateral marks but the origins of the name (target) John Dory (Zeus faber) are somewhat mysterious. A favourite is from the Italian janitore meaning 'doorkeeper', whilst others believe it is a corruption of the Gascon name 'Jan Doree'. Whatever you believe Zeus is a Greek God and faber 'a blacksmith'. They are common in deep water and swim slowly but head-on towards their prey. As they are excessively thin to their intended victims they can approach to within a few centimetres, before shooting the jaws forward to snatch and catch prey.

Distribution: Coastal waters of Namibia including Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, Luderitz, Henties Bay and Mwe Bay.

Diet: Small fish.

Colouration: The oval-shaped body is a dull greyish-green colour. The underside is paler than the upperparts. There is a very distinctive dark, round blotch on each flank, surrounded by a silvery border.

Breeding: Spawning occurs over the continental shelf, usually during the summer. The eggs drift to the bottom of the ocean.

Max size: 75cm. Max weight: 2.7kg.

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